Growing up in Leeds, UK, I always wanted to discover the world and its coexistence of beauty and extremity. I remember from a young age being enthralled with light and it’s profound role in creating an image; a recollection. Ive been lucky enough to explore this fascination, and after graduating from Manchester School of Art, have spent the last years travelling and documenting extraordinary cultures, events and environments. As my work progressed over time, so did my love of capturing the unique, and often rare moments which define our lives.

    Following a variety of diverse projects, from shooting secluded holistic retreats to festival floors and mobile art galleries, I began to realise my most significant work as a photographer. That of offering others a reportage of their inner light and beauty; to present them a part of them selves they had perhaps never witnessed before. 

    The vision for Lightworks photography was first realised in 2014; a vision of creating raw expressions of beauty through a timeless aesthetic. My practise is concerned with empowering people by illuminating their true nature. I provide an exceptional, tailored service for those seeking natural portrayals of their journey.