Kathi has her first contact to a camera in 1998 through her father, who was a hobby photographer and took her to the „Wilhelma“ to shoot the animals.

Born in Ludwigsburg, Germany, she finishes the Abitur in 2011 and moves to Berlin to study Chemistry at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. In 2012 she changes her direction of study to Youth Social Care. During this time she meets Hannah, who is photographing a festival in Croatia. Using Hannahs camera and exploring a new perspective through the lens, Kathi falls in love with the possibilities of photography on that week in Croatia. Soon after, she buys her first camera, a Canon 650D.

In the following years of traveling and photographing with Hannah, she learns all about the attributes and technicalities of the Camera to be able to use this medium to transgress her vision.

„I love most to photograph people in natural situations. Nothing is more satisfying for me than creating a picture that truly translates how I see and experience a moment. Everybody has an inner beauty which is beyond the physical appearance. It is my personal motivation to photograph this inner beauty and make it visible to people- as they often only see themselves in unnatural circumstances likes mirrors or unfavourable/ artificial pictures. Seeing people being amazed or even surprised by their own beauty was an epiphany to me and I realised that there was some work to be done!“

After one year of shooting festivals as a team, it becomes clear that their styles and practices harmonize and complement each other. In 2015 they found Lightworks Collective and work on various projects from then on.