From a yimg_5662oung age, Hannah was fascinated by the concept of an image. Enthralled by the various analogue cameras and camcorders she possessed whilst growing up, she became steadily and  irrevocably fixated on the idea of photography and capturing an evanescent juncture in time.



Born in Yorkshire, England, Hannah gradually expanded her interest and eventually decided to study photography upon being accepted to Manchester School of Art. Over 3 years she explored and exercised different practises, becoming increasingly absorbed in analogue.

This interest lead to  numerous projects and exhibitions, all preluding one consistent notion; the effect, collision and opposition between nature and humanity. Following her graduation in 2014, Hannah embarked on many photographic trips to document the disparity and harmony of different cultures and festivals. Through this she realised she could combine her love of capturing both landscapes and people.

„Although my heart still belongs to film photography, the last 2 years I  have developed a strong relationship with digital image making. The pace of my photography has changed since working digitally; I now relish in being amongst a crowd and witnessing action up close as apposed to observing it from afar. My practise has led me to document peoples enjoyment and unity, along with the grandeur of nature. Intertwining these subjects has catalysed a particular style and ideology to my work, encompassing a message of light and love. My focus now is to continue to capture the beauty and togetherness in this world, and translate mundanity into the extraordinary.“